Small Business WiFi.


Enrich your customers experience with super-fast WiFi while staying secure & compliant. 

Working from a Cafe

Cafe. Restaurant. Gym. Retail.

Your business relies on WiFi, so why not make it great? Get fast and reliable wireless internet with Meraki Go.

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Modern Design Workspace

Small Office.

Meraki Go’s cloud-based WiFi solution is designed with the challenges of hustling small business owners in mind. Enabling business productivity and customer engagement with limited time, resources, and expertise.

Why Meraki Go?


Usage Limits

Prevent guests or employees from hogging all the bandwidth needed for your business to function and prioritize business-critical apps like Square or Quickbooks with Usage Limits.


Multiple WiFi Networks

Easily set up a guest WiFi network to separate guest users from your point-of-sale system or internal devices. Stop worrying about guests accessing any confidential records.



Block people from looking at specific websites on your network with Web Blocking. Secure your network and protect your users, all through the Meraki Go App.

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In a few taps, see location analytics to gain insights for marketing, promotions, and loyalty program opportunities.

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